Crisp Care Insurance

Crisp Insurance Offering

Lessee, may elect, on certain items, to pay an additional sum to Lessor for a limitation of liability for damaged equipment. When purchased, the Crisp insurance plan limits Lessee’s liability in the case of damage on covered equipment. Insurance coverage rate is based on rental duration and renews with the rental. Lessee is covered by insurance for the full duration of their rental. Insurance covers all items being rented.

  1. Damaged equipment must be returned to Lessor at the end of the rental period.
  2. On equipment covered by the optional insurance plan, Lessee’s maximum liability of damage is $100 for claims involving a drone. Lessee’s maximum liability on all other claims is $50.
  3. The Insurance plan only limits liability for damage caused by the ordinary negligence of the Lessee and does not cover any of the following types of damage:
    • Intentional damage;
    • Damage arising from reckless or grossly negligent use of the equipment;
    • Damage caused by abnormal or abusive use of the equipment;

The Insurance plan does not limit the liability of the Lessee in regards to:

    • Equipment not returned to Lessor due to theft, loss, or any other casualty;
    • Lost accessories.

Damaged items must be sent to Crisp for repair. If the repair cost is below the deductible amount, renters using insurance may be billed less than the deductible, but never more. Renters using insurance may be eligible to receive a replacement item during their rental depending on their rental duration (US only). Renter pays for shipping and return costs on replacement items.

Missing Accessories

In the event of any missing accessories (caps, tripod rings, bags, cords, memory cards, etc.), Lessee is fully liable to Lessor for the replacement cost of the missing items.


Lessor does not assume, and the customer indemnifies Lessor against any liability or claims resulting from use or malfunction of the equipment. Lessee assumes all liability that may arise from use or failure of the equipment.