How it Works

Every choice you make to be a little flexible on your flights or hotel increases how much your company saves and the amount of gift cards you earn for your favorite stores

Save Money

BundlePop bundles flights and hotels to receive discounted fares and rates for business travelers. Because we bundle the flights and hotels, suppliers offer us discounted prices that we’re able to pass on to the traveler.

Get Rewarded

By booking your business travel through BundlePop, you get rewarded! With over 50 merchants to choose from, including, Nike, and Target, you can save your company money and get rewarded for making smart travel choices.

You Choose

BundlePop provides you with real-time fares and rates that fit your itinerary. We’ll show you great options for your upcoming trip, as well as alternative choices that can earn you more rewards based on your travel flexibilities.


Gift Card Retailers

Get Early Access

BundlePop launches soon, and you can be one of the first to gain access. Sign up and you will be notified when you can start earning guaranteed gift cards on all your business trips.

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